Supporting the ministry at St George's Church


If you have looked around our website you will have seen a flavour of the many ways we try to serve our community and grow in faith, love and hope. Wherever we see God at work there is always a faithful group of people praying hard to support those involved in ministry.The greatest support that anyone can offer is to commit to pray for the ministry here at St George's every day.



'All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along' Galatians 2:10


On top of financial giving, St George's actively supoorts 'Wearside Women in Need' through collecting clothes and 'The People's Kitchen' through collecting food and other needed items. Collecting boxes can be found in church.


We host a pick up and dropoff 'outpost' for the Washington Community foodbank and support their work through the world giving, harvest gifts and volunteers.


For 2019 to 2021 we are supporting:

ODM - specifically a project in Burundi,

Operation Christmas Child (Samaritans Purse)

Constanta Gypsy Mission


Nightingale Children's Project, trying to stop traffiking in Romania

Durham lesotho Link.



For 2021 we also supported the following 6 charities


Connect Network

Mission to Seafarers

Rock of Ages Foundation

Open Doors (supporting persecuted Christians)

Books and Bread for Kenya


We also continue to partner with Washington Community Food Project


World Giving 


St George's church serves both its local community and further afield. The church commits financially to support a number of charities and organisations that work to touch communities around the world, including those in Lesotho through the Durham Lesotho link.


This year we invited the congregation to nominate twelved charities which fit with the mission of Christ.


Download a nomination form here 




                                           Giving to support the work at St George's


Jesus challenges us to use our lives, resources and gifts to glorify God, and that includes our income. It is right to step out in faith and give to support Christian ministry and to help the poor around the world. Supporting the local church is an important part of this as it is the local church that proclaims the gospel to and serves the local community.


In Matthew 16 v18 Jesus promises, 'I will build my church.' Jesus’ people are to called to be a part of a body of believers, the church, giving themselves joyfully to service of God and others. This is so that local churches can grow, more churches be planted, more people reached, and more lives changed by the good news of Jesus Christ.


Jesus calls us to a life of generosity in response to his generosity to us shown most keenly by dying for us on the cross. To support the local church, many Christians choose to tithe their income and Jesus upholds this Old Testament practice in Matthew 23 v23. (A tithe is 10% of income.) Others simply give generously out of what the Lord has blessed them with.


St George's run an envelope scheme for those who wish to give directly, for more information please speak with a church warden or the office. The best way to support the ministry here is by setting up a regular standing order through the bank. Both of these methods are tax efficient ways of giving if you fill in the gift aid form below.



                             Download a gift aid form here and a standing order form here.


You can also give directly through '' where we have both a project and the main church support pages.


A thought provoking talk on Acts 4:32-5:16 titled, 'Generosity in Giving,' is available to listen to here.


People sometimes ask where our church spends money given to her. Others wrongly believe that the Church of England has billions of pounds to spend and just wastes its money. The local church is funded locally and without local support it cannot function. The greatest expense of the church is the stipend of a full time member of staff, without whom much of the church work could not happen, but there are many costs to keeping the doors open.


Below are some links to highlight where St George's spends money gifted to it and details about generous giving.

The Value of Ministry at St George's.


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