Lunch Club (Meet & Eat) Hot meal

for elderly, vulnerable and isolated people.



Every Wednesday, we are providing a Lunch Club service for elderly, isolated and vulnerable people local to St George’s (Harraton, Rickleton, Fatfield, Picktree, Mount pleasant and other places within reason)


This occurs weekly, 11.45am in church.


We are now also be hosting people who wish to meet others on socially distanced tables in church. This has been enabled with support from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.


Book a place to eat in church through the office.


There is no charge for the meal as we do not want our volunteers to have to handle cash on doorsteps, and we have been given a small amount of funding to help, but donations direct to the church are welcome.


Contact us to book a meal and let us know about any dietary requirements.


We aim to deliver between 12-12.30pm

0191 419 3933


Download the weekly readings and prayers


March 29th 2021











Cuppa Cake and Company
Every Monday and Friday 10-11.30am
With the weather getting warmer and now we are allowed to meet outdoors in groups of six, we are running - 'Cuppa, cake & company' - outside St George's church.
all ages welcome.
A great chance to get out of the house, meet safely with others locally and enjoy life to the full.
Coffee, tea, other drinks, cake and biscuits are available at no charge, donations only.
Please do pay heed to the current COVID regulations.
We have a COVID secure risk assessment in place 
Donations are welcome.

Current Plan for services and groups


Sunday morning at 10am in Church and online

Gathered Praise and Prayer is also streamed online 10 am on YouTube and Facebook.


Sunday 4pm 

The Sunday Gathering - outdoor worship.

Bring a fold up seat or rug to sit on, a hot drink and dress up warm to join us as we worship Christ in the open air.


Tuesday 9.30am - Prayer meeting in Church


Wednesday 11.45am - Lunch Club - Meet & Eat


Wednesday afternoon 1.30pm


Service of the Word - a short service of prayers and readings



Thursday morning - 9.30am

Mum's support group (contact lucy for log in)



main 'Zoom' logon


password if needed - sent out in e-mail - contact us for info


YouTube channel


We hope to have a kids session running soon too, posasibly Sunday afternoon, or Monday early evening - let us know your thoughts on the time 


Dial In from a normal phone


telephone dial in - There are several numbers


0 203 481 5240 or 0131 460 1196 or 0208 080 6591


Once you dial in, it says, welcome to zoom, and asks you for the meeting number


Type in our code which is 883 628 6514 then press the hash (#) key


It then asks you for your id, or press hash (#) to continue. Just press #

Then use password 371151 and # (if asked).





History and Future


If you are interested about our history and hopes for the future once we emerge from all of this check out https://www.stgeorgeshistoryandfuture...


Support us


If you wish to support us as we serve our community in new ways or the annexe project there are various ways to do that through direct giving by bank transfer, through and our digital plate.

We are all learning in these new circumstances, so please feel free to give feedback and make suggestions.


Cell groups continue to support one anonther, but if you wish to join one, or need support in other ways, please contact us. the office is shut, but we are picking up e-mails. phone 419 3933 if needed.