We believe at St George's that God can work powerfully in people's lives and that God calls us to pray for healing for people in body, mind and spirit.

There are people available at every service to pray with you, for yourself or someone else, but we also have special services that focus on healing.  Our next healing service will be Sunday October 15th at 4pm. 2023, but prayer for healing takes place at our prayer ministry every week.

The talk from the most recent service can be found here.



hands ready to receive

The services are informal, relaxed and are not pressured.  They are often wonderful times of peace and hope, even in difficult circumstances.  You don't have to tell anyone what you want prayer for if you don't want to.  We want to be there to support you and offer God's love.


If you need transport, please email office@stgeorgesfatfield.co.uk or phone the office on 0191 415 4200.



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