Healing and Wholeness Body, Mind and Spirit.


The life story of Jesus which we can read in the Bible is full of incidents of people being healed, and if you were to take them away, it would be a much shorter story, so healing is clearly an important part of what Jesus does.


Healing is more than people getting better from physical problems, although that is part of it.  Healing is also to do with our wholeness as people, finding our completeness as people as we become more aware of

God, and also about receiving healing not just for injured bodies, but for our minds, hearts and souls too. He is a God who helps us to know forgiveness restoration and reconciliation, both in earthly relationships and our relationship with him


We believe in a God who is still active in our lives and wants to be at work in us.  Come along to church and discover more about the God who knows us and loves us, the God who wants to be involved in our lives and wants us to be involved in His.