CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Money


The CAP money course is a simple 3 session course that aims to help you create and manage a budget effectively.


Contact us or CAP to book a place or find out more about CAP as we run this course whenever it is needed.


Many people who benefit from this free course are not in any financial difficulty, but find that they have more money to spend as they get a better grip on their finances. Others may be struggling to make ends meet on their monthly income and/or benefits but likewise find themselves better off as they implement CAPs ideas.


Over three sessions, participants look at where money is spent, where savings can be made, how to budget for unexpected emergencies and ensure all the essentials can be paid for and debts paid off.


Whilst this is all done as a small group, you do not disclose your own personal financial details with others. Anything you do choose to share will be held in total confidence.


For those who have serious debt problems there is also CAP money plus and the CAP debt centres which are run by CAP themselves - if you find yourself in this situation, we can direct you to where there is further help.


Longer term we have a vision to provide debt centre counselling here in Washington, but do not yet have the finances to fund this ministry. If you wish to support us in this aim, there are more details about giving here.


Whether you simply want to manage your money better or find yourself in serious financial trouble, don't suffer in silence. Contact us in the office or go direct to CAP.


Speak to the office if you would like to know more. Our next course will run to suit the needs of enquirers. If you would like help in this area, do contact us as we want to help and we will do our best to accomodate you.


There is much more about Christians Against Poverty on the CAP website.


 Food Bank Outpost


There are many reasons why people may find themselves short of money and food and in desparate need. e.g. Mistakes by govenment meaning delays and problems with benefits being paid, ill health or loss of job, financial disaster, burglary or some sudden and unexpected financial outlay.


St George's church is working with the Washington Community Food Bank to enable people in need to collect food from St George's church on Wednesday mornings. To qualify for food bank aid you need to be referred by a relevant agency, e.g. your GP, Gentoo, Social Services and many others. More details click here.



Fighting against poverty


There is more to poverty than simply not having enough food and warmth, but with the limited resources at our disposal, the people of St George's work hard at helping others in need regardless of their background. On top of CAP and the food bank, the church is also a drop off point for clothes and other items that are given to projects run by 'Wearside Women in Need.' You can bring these items anytime the office is open or on Sundays and we will deliver them. Contact us for more details.


We also recognise that in our society there is much more to poverty than lack of money. It may be poverty of community, poverty of aspiration or indeed poverty of the soul.


As a church we serve our community in many ways: providing a safe meeting place for those seeking community, encouraging people to discover their gifts, develop them and put them into practice, serving others and providing opportunities for people to investigate God, Christianity and their own spiritual life. Browse our website and you will see much more of what we offer. Join us at a Sunday service and come and ask us what we do and believe.


As a church we also support Fair Trade across the world. Whilst it may not be perfect, we believe that buying ethically is a good way to live. We buy our percolator coffee through 'Indigo Valley'. Their high quality coffee is fairly traded, tastes great and also supports the charity 'Compassion.'