Baptism at St George's.

Baptism is both a joyful and significant step in life, both for infants and those choosing to make this decision for themselves. In the bible, Acts chapter 2, we find that on the first day of the Christian church 3000 people were baptised when they chose to repent and follow Jesus as their Lord and King. Later on we find whole families baptised as they came to believe in Jesus and find salvation in him.


If you would like to find out more about baptisms, whether for yourself or an infant, please get in touch with our church office and we will arrange a time to talk about your hopes, the meaning and significance of baptism and how to arrange one.






We are delighted that you are thinking about a Christian wedding at St George's. It is wonderful when two people make a marriage commitment to each other as husband and wife, both in law and before God, our creator and saviour. There are many things to think about in planning a wedding, so please contact us for more details or to arrange to see us.







 What is Baptism?



There are various rules about who may be married in any particular parish church. One of these is to have a 'qualifying' connection to the particular church where you hope to have the wedding.

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Baptism is a symbol of the spiritual realities that come through faith in Christ, those of belonging to Christ and being forgiven our 'sin'. Sin may seem like a quaint word in the 21st century, but in the bible sin is described as a problem deep inside us. It leads us to rebel against God and live lives without him involved. It is so serious that one biblical writer tells us, 'The wages of sin is death.'


The two powerful symbols that we see in baptism, those of belonging to Christ and forgiveness of sin, point towards the love of God in Jesus.


In baptism, we are sharing in Jesus' death and sharing in his life. His death on the cross is what brings us forgiveness. He takes our death, our 'wages of sin' on himself by turning to him in faith.


Jesus' resurrection points to his victory over sin and death. It promises us a new life, a fresh start and a spiritual purpose, as well as confidence in eternal life after we die in this world.