Prayers for the church and the community




Prayer is a both powerful and a real privilege. In the bible, (Acts 2) we read that the disciples devoted themselves to prayer, along with fellowship, the Lord's supper and learning from the apostle's teaching.


It is really important that we meet together as a church to seek God in prayer, so please make every effort to come to one of the prayer meetings each month. Prayer is simply communication with God, thanking him, praising him and asking him for help and guidance. We will be praying for the community, our church and listening to God together. We meet in the church building.



Every Tuesday each week at 9.15 am




Tuesday 15th 9.15am

Wednesday 16th  7.30 pm

Thursday 17th 1.00 pm




Tuesday 17th 9.15am

Wednesday 18th 7.30pm - The Quiet Room

Thursday 19th 1.00 pm 




Days of Prayer


We have two days of prayer planned for 2019


Saturday 18th May 2019

Saturday tbc October 2019


Men's Prayer Breakfasts for 2019


Saturday 19th January 8am at Andrew Bachelor's (contact us for address)

Saturday 20th April, 8am at Rob's (8 Lindisfarne)

Saturday 20th July, 8am at Rob's (8 Lindisfarne)

Saturday 19th October at Nick's (14 Ewesley)



We also meet Every Tuesday in church for around 25 minutes to pray at 9.15 am.